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Take-Out Boxes

Good Morning Wellness Box $35

A great way to kick-start your day with a boost of energy from a nutrient-rich meal. This box features:

  • Cold-Pressed Glow Juice: Fresh Orange Juice and Lemon
  • House Salad: Served with apple cider vinaigrette and fresh fruit letters made from cantaloupe
  • Tomato Confit, Avocado & Egg Tartine
  • Mini Butter Croissant
  • Lemon Coconut Muffin

Glow From Within Wellness Box $35

A hydrating and nourishing meal for a healthy glow inside and out.

  • Cold-Pressed Green Juice: Honey Dew, Green Apple, Spinach, Celery, Pineapple
  • House Salad: Served with apple cider vinaigrette and fresh fruit letters made from cantaloupe
  • Avocado Superfruit-Infused Hummus Tartine
  • Chocolate Tart
  • Oatmeal Cookie

Mindful Goddess Wellness Box $35

Nourish and indulge yourself to unleash your inner goddess.

  • Cold-Pressed Pink Juice: Collagen-infused Rose Water with Lemon and Real Rose Petals
  • House Salad: Served with apple cider vinaigrette and fresh fruit letters made from cantaloupe
  • Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Tartine
  • Red Velvet Cake

Afternoon Tea Box

Available for 1 person ($65) or 2 people ($130). This box has 3 tiers of delicious savoury and sweet treats including all of our famous tartines and our best bakery selection. Our Afternoon Tea Box for 1 Includes:


One Refreshing Fruit Beverage*

One Floral Tea Tin*

First Tier - Savoury

One Prosciutto, Fig & Brie Mini Tartine

One Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Mini Tartine

One Avocado & Superfruit-Infused Hummus Mini Tartine

One Tomato Confit Avocado & Egg Mini Tartine

Second Tier - Bakery and Other

One Mini Croissant

One Mini Raspberry White Chocolate Scone

One Hibiscus Watermelon Berry Salad

Served with our delicious house-made Rose Butter with 24k gold leaf 

Third Tier - Sweets

One Signature Red Velvet Cake

Two Macarons*

One Chocolate Tart

One Lemon Meringue Tart

* Disclaimer: Substitutions may occur based on availability

Please contact us before ordering for any dietary restrictions or allergies.


Soup + Salad

Creamy Mushroom Soup $7

Drizzled with truffle oil, garnished with micro greens. Served with a slice of sourdough bread

Avocado + Kale Salad $15

With grape tomatoes, micro greens, radishes, nori, and black sesame seeds with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing

include with one choice of:
Smoked salmon, Ribbon Zucchini, Grilled Chicken Breast

Hibiscus Watermelon Berry Salad $15

Fresh watermelon with macerated berries, garnished with feta, mint and orange zest. Dressed in a hibiscus glaze.


Artisan open faced toast served with side salad and house made apple cider vinaigrette sauce

Proscuitto + Fig + Brie $15

Topped with fresh baby arugula

Smoked Salmon + Cream Cheese $15

On top of fresh baby arugula, topped with micro greens, and house-made picked red onions

Avocado + Superfruit Infused Hummus $15

Topped with micro greens, feta cheese and drizzled with truffle oil

Ask how our tartines can be made vegetarian


Vietnamese Pho + Beet Infused Noodles $15

Topped with sliced beef, meatballs, onions, scallions and cilantro

Alberta Beef and Rigatoni $18

Rigatoni pasta tossed in a meat sauce with slow-braised Alberta short rib beef and tomato puree. Topped with fresh parsley, basil and grated parmesan cheese.

Signature Drinks

Jasmine Blush Iced Tea 7
Cloud Latte 9
Magical Berry Lemonade 7
Rose Chai Latte 7

Coffee + Drinks

Latte 4.5 / 5
Caramel Macchiato 5.5 / 6
Cappuccino 4.25
Americano 3.33
Dark/White Mocha 5.5 / 6
Flat White 4.44
Vietnamese Coffee 4.75
Chai Latte 4.5 / 5
London Fog 4.5 / 5
Hot Chocolate 4.5 / 5
Italian Soda 3.33
Bottled Water 2.5

Pastries + Sweets

Mini Cakes 9
Creme Caramel 7
Lemon Meringue Tart 7
Chocolate Tart 7
Butter Cookies 3.5
Croissants 3.5
Scones 4
Banana Loaf 2.5
Cinnamon Loaf 2.5
Muffins 3.5